Review of the last schoolyear:
From Monday, 24thto Friday, 28thof June 2019, the English native speakers Sue, Vanessa and Matt in conjunction with our own teachers helped 44 volunteers from NMS Kössen improve their knowledge of English. During this time they only had English lessons and since it was the second last week before their summer holidays they didn’t miss out on any exams.

The children were divided into three groups. They ambitiously took part in activities according to following topics:
1)    Dress to Impress
2)    Choose Your Own Adventure
3)    Million Dollar Pitch
That means they played games, discussed about different themes, worked out newsreports, wrote stories, created own guessing games and designed fashion out of waste like paper and plastic. After preparing their presentations throughout the week they presented them on Friday to their classmates, parents and teachers.

This school year:
The English in Action week will take place from Monday, 24thto Friday, 28thof February 2020. It is set earlier this time, so that pupils can use their improved English during the summer term. Stephanie, a member of the English-in-Action Team and an English native speaker, visited our school on Oct. 7th, 2019 and presented their language course activities. The pupils were quite enthusiastic.
We think they recognize that communicating with native speakers is very useful for them. It helps them to improve their vocabulary and grammar and enhance their self-confidence with talking.
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The NMS Kössen English Team