English in Action at MS Kössen

This year the “English in Action“- week took place again.
From February 27th to March 3rd 2023 the 3rd and 4th classes got the chance to join English in Action.
It was a week of fun and games.  Four teachers from England came to us and did interesting projects. They only spoke English.
In the 3rd classes we created own comics and invented new machines.
In the 4th classes, for example, a business plan was drawn up in English and role plays of Snow White and Cinderella were performed.
All participants gained great experience and had a lot of fun.

Magdalene Hechl 3A


74 pupils took part in English in Action, 38 third- and 36 fourthformers. Their English teachers originally came from Ireland, Scotland and England (Hastings and Canterbury). They appreciated working with our pupils because they enthusiastically took part in many activities. This year‘s topics were the United Kingdom, writing about comicbook heroes, reporting football matches, presenting new inventions, creating quiz-programmes and acting out scenes of Harry Potter, detective stories and fairy tales, levels A2/B1.
It definitely motivated the pupils to talk a lot of English because the teachers were not able to speak any German. Moreover most of them did not hesitate to present their shows on Friday to parents, teachers and classmates.
In the end each pupil got a certificate and said goodbye to their teachers. They were tired but happy about their English experience.

Sigrid Berke-Noichl